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  • I started playing during the open weekend with my wife, met a friend, had fun, everything was going smoothly. Until a certain point at least. What happened? 3 of us met another player, a closed beta veteran apparently. We had a small chat about the game. Until we reached the topic of realm ownership. From what we understood the realms were something completely locked behind a paywall which really upset us. It was something to be concerned about, after all it was against the policy of everything being available the game showed us to follow so far.

    We were sitting there getting more and more concerned about the game, until GM Pain showed up (a great guy BTW) and clarified everything, explained how the system works and calmed us down like a babysitter would a hyperactive brat that ate a bag of candy.

    What I'm thinking should be worked on is some kind of system to explain basics of the game like that to the players. The reason we got so confused was that, the only information we had was the price in the cash shop.
    What I suggest is having an in-game Guide or Help function that would explain how everything works. Having it on the game's site would work as well I'm pretty sure.

    Ultima Online, which this game is so inspired by had a function that worked just like this and it did its job very well.

    That is something that a lot of players would love to see and which definitely would bring more players to the game, since so many of them are discouraged by the complexity of Linkrealms.

  • @Deneb What exactly do you mean by "guide" and "complexity" and how does this relate to the in game cash shop?

    Btw there are plenty of people like myself who wouldn't mind helping you two get into the game if you'd like.

  • The problem was, we all thought that in order to get a realm, you need to pay real money, which turned out to be not true.
    The reason why we thought there's no other way to acquire your own realm was because we only saw anything related to getting one in the cash shop/ item shop, or on the founder packs.
    It was clarified fast enough, but all it takes to avoid such confusion is to have some sort of guide.

    The way I imagine said instruction guide to look like, would be just a list of topics like "Combat", "Healing", "Inventory", "Realms", etc... which upon opening would reveal explanation of the topic. As I said in my OP, just like the system in UO, which even though not perfect, worked well enough. At least that's my idea, I'm sure the devs can find a solution that would work just as good, if not better.

    Also, if it comes to the complexity, some aspects of the game require more explaining, for example the game doesn't even try to explain that some abilities can be only used from the "Skills" or the fact that after a while of experimenting I couldn't find a way to dry corn in game. Which shouldn't be such a puzzle.

  • Only a Corn Shaman can dry corn, after performing the proper rituals of course.


    We do have a wiki page I don't have the link on hand but there isn't any guides on the hardcore server. This person must have been told the wrong thing or just going on very old info

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