m-my poor little gnome stronghold, what will happen with it? ;_______; <sad gnomekeeper

  • Hello. For WEEKS I made my realm the ultimate hotspot for gnomes.

    They really thrived there, I was hopting that the gnomes would at some point give me some kind of little gift for letting them live there but that never happend. When the last beta ended I had around 60days left for my realm, during the open week I saw I had just 30days left. Do the days still go down even if I cant login? Will those games be readded to the game? I did buy a claim stake but I was told I wasent allowed to use it... so.. eh.... what will happen with my realm? do days keep going down even f the servers aint up?


    @Mxll time lost in between each beta phase (starting from the end of the Winter Beta), will be added onto your existing time. If you lose your realm during this period of downtime you will be given a new Claim Stake. If your realm happens to expire during a period of downtime then you should not worry as you will not lose any items or belongings within your realm, simply place it down and wait until the following server reset for everything to be back to normal.

    As for the gnome mini games, that is not something I can answer as I do not know what the plans are for that at the moment.

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