Crowfall (played by a noob girl)

  • The game is PvP MMO with strong RTS/survival feel: claiming territory + voxel building & destruction + players will be physically making their own kingdoms (by...playing Tetris!?!). Good quick intro is it's IGN Wiki, also - Pantheon (gods) and Archetypes (classes).

    Here's the "promised" footage, pre-alpha tests - so have mercy! some Ranger PvP with comments:

  • Didn't you confuse forums or something? I do realize that you posted this as an off-topic thread, but sure as hell this doesn't seem like it has anything to do with LR. I'm sure you can find better places to show off your videos. Regards, D.

  • This game!! Truly one of the most stiff and boring thing I've ever seen :| I just don't get why they even try to make it B2P...

  • If that video speaks anything of the game and the combat, It looked SO boring.

  • @Deneb I could only wish that the video is mine!? Also, this is, well, off-topic section. Regards, J.

    @Vetro @Dkuang combat, H-pools etc. are tuned for hundreds of "units" on screen later on, it is much slower than average MMO combat and it can get even slower, on purpose. Also, this being only pre-alpha test doesn't "help" much...and of course, many people will simply find it ugly or boring anyway, that's OK.

    On "why they even try to make it B2P..." - the game just broke $7M in funding (Kickstarter ended last March) and there is roughly 120k registered supporters, OFC both numbers are rising rather quickly. There's an army of people throwing money on this.

    For what it's worth, open beta (free tests) is scheduled for this winter, and siege & voxel destruction tests just started. Say -

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