Cooking questions

  • is there a way to get butter, other than buying it from a npc? I thought i saw a butter churn for sale somewhere but i can't find it again. Is there a way to milk cows?

  • You can make it, first you have to milk cows, using a bucket and then you need to use a butter churn to make it. You should be able to get both of those from an NPC. I'm not sure which one sells them, but the blacksmith sounds like the safest bet. Regards, D.

  • I think the rancher sells them.

  • cool thanx! I knew i wasn't seeing things but i couldn't remember which npc had them.

    can everything the npc's sell be made or gathered? or are there some things that have to be bought for cooking?

  • No, all cooking utensils have to be purchased.

  • all with in game currency?

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