Weapons, Battle Tactics and the Art of Hurting Others

  • I have some simple questions, what's your favourite weapon and for what reason? The battle tactic set associated with which weapon fits your playstyle the most? What skills do you tend to use the most in combat?

    I've been thinking about it today since I couldn't really decide on which one do I like using the most, so far I'm leaning towards the double axe because Hemorrage is a nice damage skill which let's you keep pressure on your opponent even when you're playing defensively. Also, Whirlwind is a nice thing to have in case you need some crowd control. I'm not 100% sure about the damage output, since from what I've seen on the wiki it has one of the lower DPS ratings, but it didn't get me killed yet, so it seems decent enough to me in-game.

    What do you guys think? I thought it's a nice thing to talk about, since everybody likes killing and I'd like to use this little bit of time when the forum is not so dead due to the Open Weekend.

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