Please make a PVE Server


    The toxic community of carebears is ruining my gaming experience. They don't leave the starting area/protected places. All they do is complain about PKers, or how PVP is enabled.

    Tbh, these kind of people need their own server.

  • Everyone has its own tastes. There will be a PvE server eventually when the population is large enough.

    That being said, you can - should - express your thoughts politely here on the forums. I only edited your post this time, hope there won't be a next time.


    Sry they were being rude to me too.

  • I'm a big carebear but I've been out of the town exploring a few times and no one was out there. I wanted to start looking for a group to go out and PvE with, but it seems like the reaction to every request is "you are going to gank me", so I did't even try. I guess this may be a normal reaction to a PVP game. I dunno. This is my 2nd try at it. My first was Age of Wushu, but in that game, nothing is to be lost from death.

    But honestly, anything to distract from the hours for waiting to finish gathering quests, lol

  • @Breezy

    I would be fine with it, problem is right now im just trying to gain capitol and work on other skills right now. Trying to get lockpicking up.

  • was out few times and joind up with ppl on the rode didnt see anyone pking, just ppl joining up and killing mobs.
    even ppl gurding other ppl things and helping them get them back


    I'm trying to form a party for pve content and everyone thinks I will PK them. Rude.

  • @zycor When people know you as a troll they arent going to trust you.

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