Buying founder packs/beta keys

  • After speaking with Prom it has become apparent there are ways within the current rule set for founder to be bought for others in exchange for in-game currency.
    If you're interested in buying founder packs for me in exchange for in-game currency join my discord so we can do the dos. You will be paid at a higher rate than you would receive for simply purchasing and selling credits in-game.

    Paying in:
    Rare bless scrolls
    Crafting materials

  • @Prometheus closed your thread saying it is not legitimate and you just created new one few hours later :| Come on it is not really worthy to get banned on forum...


    We currently do not have a way for a player to gift a Founder Pack to a friend, however this is something we plan to implement in the future. We do not allow account transferring even if it is temporary, nor do we allow the option to buy/sell any of our content or currencies for real world currency.

    @Holya, @Prometheus never stated in that conversation that you may sell Argents for PayPal, there must have been a communication error between the two of you. From what I can tell, he was explaining that there is a "gift" option for most store purchases in-game, which is an indirect way of trading for real money, meaning a player pays you in Argents and then you can gift them something from the store, vise versa.

    I will leave this thread open long enough so @Prometheus can clear some things up regarding this.

  • @vetro @Pain
    Holya: Would you tolerate the purchase of founder from another were the account never transferred/passwords never exchanged?
    Prometheus: Yes, that would be ok :)

    While he didn't outline a clear way in which this could be done, I can't help but interpret this as his acceptance to buy founder from others. I do not plan to partake in any account sharing, which seems to be where the problem lied. I shall also abide by the market rules sticked in that section, even though I'd argue his response left some leeway of implicit acceptance of that being bent.

  • this smells to ban x)

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