Limited Colors in World Editor

  • So I had this great idea for a house. It would have a picture of an increasingly sexy pony each floor, until you reached the roof. Ya'know, like one of those flip books everybody made as a kid, except only with 4-5 pages because of the obvious limits within the World Editor. Maybe the walls too.

    I ran into the very unpleasant problem, with all shades of white/yellow refusing to render, and none of the other colors even slightly matching what is intended. Additionally, upon reloading the .LRML I was greeted with this. I realize the editor may be a low priority on your list, but I'd request this be fixed as soon as possible. The Guildhouse Sexpony, once properly implemented would exponentially increase my enjoyment of this game.

    alt text


    @Holya I do want to see this house!

  • Please FIX THIS!

    This would greatly improve the quality of my life! ;)

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