Old UO Vet Here! Who's Playing Tomorrow?!

  • Just bought my Founders Pack! wanted to say hello to everyone! who all will be playing tomorrow?

  • Everybody, tomorrow Linkrealms takes the title of the most played MMO in history. Hope the devs are ready for that.

  • do you know what all screen sizes it runs in/fits in? 1920x1080 work full screen? cause the client is very tiny atm on the login

  • I'm almost sure you won't have any trouble with the resolution, there's a ton of options for these, I can't really check right now, since it's impossible to access the game, but I had no issues during prior tests.

  • sounds good also since u seem to have played before... how populated has it been? only 2 servers one pvp one carebear? im just hoping to come back to a UO home with LOTS of people ...very excited

  • I've only played during two, 3 day long tests in the past, due to how short they were, the servers weren't really populated, but from what I heard the game used to have a decently sized player base in the past. The Steam EA is a chance for Linkrealms to gain some popularity and more dedicated players. Judging by my experience so far the game will catch on for sure, so stay excited, you won't be disappointed! :)

  • @KushRekt Hello i never played UO before when i was a kid but i always look at my older brother playing old days.
    But i will play tomorrow ! Hey have fun man.


    I played UO diffrent shards :)

  • I played on Baja from 1997 for a good few years :bow_and_arrow:

  • Atlantic here i really hope a lot of old UO players find this game!

  • I played UO for 5+ years, and I tried going back a few times in the last couple of years; Sadly it lost it's charm and I don't stay longer than a month. I'm hoping Linkrealms fills that void and so far so good (in a Beta).
    I was worried about how my computer would handle the graphics, since they seem rich and detailed, with lots of animations; To my surprise, it runs way faster than UO (in my pc) with very little lag!
    Anyways, just wanted to say HI and good luck to all! Let's make this game great!

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